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Why I bought these boots

Why I bought these boots
Author: Gabrielle O'Hare

I wasn’t looking for boots when I bought these.

The only reason I bought them was because I saw the photo in the middle.

I was supposed to be working & researching the site! (Image sources:

If I had just seen the product image (the one that is circled), I wouldn’t have bothered.

What happened though, was the lifestyle image created an emotional connection.

And that emotional connection made me actually visualise that product on me.

The boots were on my feet.

I had a very clear picture in my head of me wearing those boots, and I was hooked.

I ended up buying 2 similar pairs of boots because I became engaged with the range and started to look round, despite this being a retailer I never shop with.

There are huge opportunities for retailers to improve the way they showcase and merchandise their ranges online.

Product images don’t have the emotional connection to convert browsers.

To convert browsers, you need to focus on communicating your range in an engaging way.

To present opportunities for shoppers to connect with your products emotionally when they are browsing.

To increase the chances of browsers seeing something that resonates with them.

In doing this, you not only increase sales, but leverage the emotional connection your brand has with your shoppers with every visit.