Specialists in creating realistic interior environments

Putting your products into realistic settings creates an emotional connection with your customers. By bringing realism into product images and video, shoppers get more context about the product, they understand scale and can visualise the product more effectively in their own environments.

Our team has been creating realistic settings for photography and video for many years and are experts in set design and construction and realistic lighting.

We’ve created sets for Tesco, Argos, DFS, B&Q, Fired Earth, Sharps Bedrooms and many more, so we understand how to use sets to give your shoppers a better experience of your products.

Example of kitchen diner set

Great for big lifestyle settings and for showing collections of products. Large sets are also great for shooting realistic video.


Realistic spaces

Hallways are lovely environments to build. Many people don’t live in spacious homes, and instead want to see products in settings that they can relate to. Building interesting features into sets, such as staircases, panelled walls and wooden flooring all create extra realism and interest.

Our clients use these sets to sell flooring, homewares and furniture and even paint.