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Creating the Experience Advantage

The Experience Advantage
Author: Gabrielle O'Hare

Your customers have many options to find the product they want at the price they want to pay.

So how do you win out over your competition?

What experience can you create for your customers that gives you the advantage over your competitors and provides a winning site and product experience?

Building the Experience Advantage

Content is one tool you can use to give your site the Experience Advantage over your competitors.

At Content Queen, we use a planning process that helps retailers create better shopping experiences than their competitors – a key tactic to win the conversion battle.

In this article, we cover some of the most important areas to consider if you want to give your customers a better online shopping experience.

The Brand Experience

Improve your customers’ experience and perception of your brand

Every image, every piece of text on your site is an opportunity to strengthen your brand and build on how your customers experience and perceive it:

  • Compare category shopping experiences against brand guidelines and the home-page experience
  • Identify major content assets within the customer journey and evaluate how you can bring more brand meaning into them to improve the shoppers experience and understanding of the brand
  • Break down the customer journey and review how customer needs change. Consider how the brand can engage with, and add value to the shopper across each stage of their journey.

The opposite of this process, is when site content is approached from a functional standpoint. With this approach, customers get a generic experience which lacks any meaningful emotional connection with the brand.

The Range Experience

Enhance the way your customers experience and understand your range

Retailers generally have great stories behind their ranges. Improving the range experience simply means using content to bring the range to life, but with specific goals in mind; to strengthen and deepen your range message and your customers perception of it:

  • Develop content tactics that are designed to give customers a better understanding of your range.
  • Look for formats that make it easy and quick for shoppers to see more of what you have to offer, making sure to keep it inspiring so they stay engaged.
  • Look at how to present products, building in methods that focused on helping customers search for, and find what they are looking for, more effectively.

Create Relevant Customer Experiences

Get more engagement with your shoppers

There is a huge opportunity to provide richer and more relevant shopping experiences for shoppers by really getting under the skin of customer needs.

Content has the most value to both customer and retailer when it has relevance to the shopper and supports their personal shopping mission.

  • Put more focus on identifying category-level shopping journeys. You will find many new customer shopping missions that will provide a rich source of insights for your content planning process.
  • Build content that addresses and supports these needs. Look at how you integrate your brand and range story into the content, and match relevant products to the shopping missions
  • Most importantly, consider how you integrate your content into the customer journey. Where you place content, and the frequency that the customer sees your messages will influence how it impacts customer engagement scores, AOV and conversion.

Passion for Content

You won’t find a Content Planning and Production agency that is more passionate about content than Content Queen.

Our content strategy and planning expertise comes from our encyclopedic market knowledge of current content models across the UKs biggest retailers, and from working with many big household names over the years.

Our content production is handled by people who have run Tesco and Argos in-house media production studios.

We know what makes great content, and we know what makes cost effective content

We’d love to give you the Experience Advantage and show you how we can help you get the competitive edge in 2018.

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