Content Strategy

Creating a stronger brand in digital shopper journeys

Author: Gabrielle O'Hare

Giving online shoppers a better brand experience is becoming a key driver for retailers who are reviewing their content strategies.

This is all about looking at the brand in the context of customer shopping journeys. This is about bringing more meaning and relevance to the shopping experience, and making sure that shoppers are engaged with your brand and understand what it means to them wherever they are in their shopping mission.

Key questions to ask to improve your brand experience

  • How well is the brand communicated at category level?
  • How clear and compelling are the brand USPs and benefits at category level
  • How is the brand’s relationship changing across the shopping journey to support customer needs as they change in the purchase process

Many retailers and indeed agencies struggle with the concept of content, because it is such a general and wide ranging term.

Shifting your focus instead to being clear about the role and objectives of content makes it easier to establish which are the best content types to use, and where, to make more sense of the many options you have.