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What we do

Content Auditing

Content auditing is a Content Queen designed process that enables retailers to quantify the quality, consistency and visibility of content across a customer journey, which is either driven by a category-level shopping mission, or a seasonal campaign.

The auditing process is based on a set of data points that provides a content score across Quality, Consistency and Visibility. Understanding the delta from the top score, provides the retailer with clear view of both high-performing and under-performing content areas, which are used as a basis for improving content, and identifying effective content models that can be rolled out across multiple categories and campaigns.

For a more detailed explanation, including sample report outputs, please click here


Content Planning Frameworks

Effective content has a clear role and purpose. It engages customers and provides support and value to the shopping process.

Content Queen’s Content Planning Framework enables retailers to improve their content planning process and define content models that make it easy to scale content to produce more campaigns and categories, and streamline the production process.

For more information about Content Planning Frameworks, including the 7 Major Content Planning Requirements and sample frameworks, please click here


Content Production

Content Queen also offer full content production services.

The Auditing and Planning Process provides a new level of clarity about content requirements for our clients. Content requirements can be incorporated into Content Guidelines that you can use with your in-house production teams, or hand over to existing production suppliers.

Alternatively you can let us create your new, high-performing content, to the best standards using cost effective processes.

The team have extensive production experience and offer the following services:

  • Product photography
  • Video & animation
  • Product copy
  • Blogs & feature articles
  • Social content

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