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A better brand experience

Brand Experience
Author: Gabrielle O'Hare

I’ve heard a lot recently from brands and retailers who want to improve their brand experience online

What is a good online brand experience?

When your customers are shopping with you, how well do they experience your brand?

I don’t mean on your homepage.

I mean in their ‘shopping missions.’

What is your shoppers experience of your brand when they leave the homepage and start searching and browsing for the products or services they want?

Or when they come onto the site via search and don’t even get to see your homepage.

In this context, shoppers experience your brand across many different pages on your site, and at many different points in their shopping journey.

Your customers’ needs change on this journey.

  • They want ideas or inspiration.
  • They need detailed information.
  • They want to know what their other options are.
  • They want to know how something measures up against their own personal needs.

How does your brand support your customers in these different environments and shopping contexts?

What are you doing to shape your customers perceptions of your brand in these environments and shopping contexts?

Many brands and retailers are starting to think about how their brands can influence shoppers at a deeper level.

They also want to create a much stronger impression and experience of their brand as a tactic to increase sales and customer loyalty.

So how do you do this.

Well, this is exactly what’s at the heart of a good content strategy.

Think about it like this; map out your customer journeys and break them down into individual content assets, e.g.

  • The copy you use on category landing pages
  • The way you depict your products in different places across the site
  • How you write articles and where you place them
  • The way you provide your product information

All of these things influence how your brand is perceived by your shoppers.

Now look at these assets individually.

What do they say about your brand?

  • Do they show your customers that you really understand them?
  • What are they saying about your range, your expertise, the value or experience that you are providing for your customers?
  • How are they helping your customers shop at each point of their shopping journey?
  • How easy are they making it for shoppers to get what they want from their experience?

This is what content strategy is.

It’s a considered approach to all assets within a customer journey, to create a strong and consistent brand experience.

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