What more can we drive with content?

Content Ambition is about bringing more intention into the content planning process, so that it works on a deeper level to connect more powerfully with your customers.

The future of content planning is about being in a place where content budgets are delivering phenomenal value. Where we continually work to unlock the full potential from content in terms of what we can achieve with it.

Yes, it’s about KPIs like better engagement, click-throughs and conversion to sale, but it can go much further than that.

Content is your brand in action

Content is your brand in action, and there are many ways to use it to build a richer customer experience and a more favourable perception of your brand.

Be more customer focussed

It’s your opportunity to show customer you understand them and their shopping missions.

Bring more credibility to your brand

It’s a way to give shoppers more confidence to purchase from you, because you’ve helped them understand more about your expertise and passion for the categories you sell.

 Show more expertise in your range and products

It’s how you behave as the experts in your own products, taking the role of a trusted guide who helps shoppers navigate and shop your range to find the product that best matches their needs.

Content Personalisation

Personalised content takes our brand behaviour to a new level of customer relevance.

The technology to personalise content is already here. The challenge now is to develop content personalisation strategies and processes that let bring measurable results, and can be achieved cost effectively.

Future Facing Content Planning

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