Modular Planning is a method we developed for our clients that lets us build the volume and variation of content type and message, whilst improving cost efficiencies.

It’s a significant change to the way we work, because it gives brands and retailers more content variants to use at higher frequencies across multi-channel customer journeys.

How modular planning improves the content production process

Modular planning offers many benefits to the client:

  • More output from the production process in terms of different content formats and variations
  • It delivers a natural variation of content and message so we tell the story across the customer journey without relying on repetition
  • Content links together to enhance the storytelling
  • It enables us to plan a stronger call to action strategy
  • It’s specially designed to work in the fragmented channels and platforms that we shop and communicate in
  • Increases the volume and longevity/lifespan of content, because there’s more variation and slower wear-out
  • Having more assets improves campaign frequency and OTS of campaigns
  • Improves production efficiencies and number of assets produced per production budget
  • It encourages a re-use and recycle approach to content to drive further efficiencies

Which content types it is good for

  1. Building more consistency and frequency for campaigns and category-level content across the site, as well as integrating with social channels and marketing collateral.
  2. Essential part of a personalisation strategy to define the personalisation variables and the production budgets.

Find out more

We’ll be discussing this in our upcoming webinars:

Future Facing Content Planning

14th December, 12pm GMT. Register here

Modular Content Planning

12th January, 12pm GMT. Register here

What does it look like for your products?

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