Win the content game

Make 2018 the year when you put content at the heart of your business with 3 game-changing approaches.

One. Leverage the Power of Content

A simple change in the angle of a product image instantly brings power and status to a brand.

Enormous ranges are simplified and tied into customer missions that shoppers relate to and navigate more easily.

Products are brought to life, guiding browsers through features and details that cement buying decisions.

Brands become human through conversations with customers and build meaningful relationships.

Think beyond what you currently do with content and consider how many aspects of your business it can impact.

Two. Learn about Modular Content Planning

Break down your content needs into individual components. Then, like a set of lego blocks, you can put individual assets together in different ways to produce more.

One video provides material for a set of GIFs.

100 product images can be turned into a film that showcases your range.

A single campaign banner becomes a set of messages that kick starts a personalisation programme.

Modular content planning avoids the linear relationship between scaling content volumes and bigger budget requests

Three. Embrace Production Technology

When cut-outs and retouching are automated you’ll have more content, more consistent standards and faster delivery.

CGI can do a great job for a product video, and it doesn’t always need to be photo-realistic to be effective. So it will cost less.

When someone (or something) else is doing the boring, repetitive bits, your creative talent get the time and headspace to think and create again.

New, fresh, innovative concepts.

More effective formats and production techniques.

Let production technology give you the creative edge that feeds powerful content.

Webinar: Future Facing Content Planning -Thursday 14th December, 12pm.

Join us for a practical introduction to modular content planning along with examples and case studies that explain how you can strengthen brand status, range and product understanding with the right content strategy.

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