As regular readers will know, when I talk about content, I am talking about the category and campaign content that retailers produce to attract shoppers and drive sales.

Think campaigns requiring banners on the home page, department landing pages, buying guides, blog posts, and PLP, PDP content.

When your retail content is great, you’re hitting all of these criteria:

1. Content variation, quantity, placement & access

  • You have a variety of content types across the customer journey
  • You have created the right quantity to maximise opportunities and frequency for your shoppers to see (same principles as buying ad campaigns, right?)
  • Your content can be accessed across multiple customer journeys

2. Content purpose & role

  • Your content is on brand from home page to PDP and you understand how your brand’s role changes and evolves across each format
  • All content has a defined role and purpose to engage, support and add value to your customers
  • All content has clear performance metrics
  • You use your content to give you control over the way your customers perceive and understand your product range

3. Quality of content

  • You have the right production standards for each content type so you have control over production costs and timings
  • You give your customers the best product information so they understand your range and your products
  • Your content is consistent across all shopping journeys and all platforms

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