Created for retailers who plan campaign and product category content

A unique opportunity for any retailer who wants to improve their content models to drive planning and production efficiencies and scale product and campaign production

Before you embark on any content scaling programmes, you need to go through the process of defining where you are now. This gives you two benefits:

Firstly, you will identify current strengths and weaknesses of your content model

Secondly, it gives you a benchmark to measure improvements

This webinar shows you how you can benchmark your content. In the context of this webinar, we are talking about product and campaign content that is site focussed.

What we will focus on during the webinar

  • Introduce our 3 main content strategy pillars; brand, customer and product – how consistent is your brand story, how well is your content serving your customers, and how well is your content supporting your range
  • Identify the main content types and  discuss their roles
  • Explain the content benchmarking process which includes:
    • What to look for to check if your content is consistent across your site and platforms
    • See how effectively you are providing the right opportunities for your customers to access your content
  • Finally we focus on the role of content benchmarking in helping retailer to develop different content models for campaign and product categories, to manage content budgets and briefs more effectively

Who is this webinar for?

The webinar is for retailers only, who plan and develop content strategies for campaign and product categories. The examples we will be using for the webinar are taken from fashion and home categories.

Date & registration details

Friday 6th October 2017, 12pm GMT

Duration is 30 minutes

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