How do you get your customers to see your content more easily, and how do you make sure you are giving them a more consistent content experience as they shop?

By tracking your content journey across your channels and platforms you can build up a much clearer view of your content.

Content Auditing Insights

The chart above is taken from a recent analysis of the Jeans category for a major UK retailer.  By tracking the content journey across desktop, mobile and app we’ve achieved the following insights:

  • A rating that tells us how easy or hard it is for customer to access different content types for the category
  • A definitive view of the consistency of content and messaging across multi-platform customer journeys
  • The ability to compare the content journeys across different categories and campaigns

How are we going to use this data?

Improving content flow & access

The data from this audit tells us where we can improve the way content links together and flows across the customer journey.

Developing content models

We are also using it to develop new models and content templates for product categories and campaigns. The frameworks we develop from this will improve content briefing process and speed up the delivery timeframes.

Build consistent campaigns

Having a better understanding of the way content links together across the range of customer journeys helps us to deliver consistent messaging from campaign to SKU level

Profile different campaigns and categories with different content models

This process also enables us to tailor content to the needs of different campaigns and product types, to better manage content budgets and deliver against customer and commercial objectives across the wider business.

More information

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We are also holding a webinar on this subject in September. We will provide more detail and dates on this shortly. To register your interest in attending this, please email us on the same address.