How to create content around customer missions

The majority of content on retail websites is constructed around seasonal buying trends. However, there is another way to think about the content, and that is content that supports your customers shopping missions. Content that is there to help them with specific purchase journeys.

Start with shopping missions

When you understand more about your customer’s product-specific shopping missions, you build a much clearer picture about the content that will help them with their browsing and choosing process.

If its relevant, it will inspire and attract the shopper

As shoppers ourselves, we know that when we start our shopping journeys, we look for ideas and inspiration to help us choose the products we’re interested in, and the retailers we’ll consider shopping with.

When you have clear definitions of the customer shopping missions, you can tailor inspirational content, e.g. lifestyle images, to your customer profiles. The more relevant your lifestyle images are, the more engagement you will have with shoppers, and therefore drive more traffic.

This is especially important for expensive content formats, like lifestyle images, to make sure you get best value from them.

Help the customer understand & navigate the range

As ranges get bigger, it is important to make sure customers can understand your range and how it relates to their shopping mission.

Content plays a valuable role here, and there are a number of content types and formats that work well to explain your range and make it easier for shoppers to find the most relevant sub-categories

Give the customer the best product experience

Once you’ve got your customer to your product pages, making sure they have all the information they need forms a crucial part of any conversion strategy.

Because large volumes of product information content are needed, its important to manage the costs. But compromising on quality at this point of the customer journey can have a huge impact on their purchasing decision.

What’s your category USP?

When I am evaluating shopping journeys across retail websites, I rarely see any content that gives shoppers good reasons to shop with that brand or retailer.

So many brands and retailers have great stories to tell about their products and categories, but they are buried in hard-to-find places, or just not there at all.

Make it easy to find your content

A lot of content is placed outside of the natural customer journeys. This means that the shopper doesn’t benefit from it, and the brand or retailer doesn’t get value from their investment.

A key part of your content strategy should be how and where you place it, so that customers can find and access content, however and wherever they start their shopping journey with you.