The question of understanding the priorities around content have come up a couple of times recently, which has prompted me to to develop this chart which presents both a structure for a retail content strategy, and also a prioritisation rationale.

Product information – getting the basics right

These are the lowest cost assets, and they will likely also be the biggest volume that you produce. They are also the most critical when it comes to the customer, because missing or poor quality information negatively impacts conversion.

The way to fix this at scale, is to revisit the content guidelines for your images and copy and roll this into the ongoing production cycle.

Bringing the brand into the shopping experience

Within the digital retail environment, most of the investment in content and the customer experience this delivers, is made in the home page, or an associated blog, and much of this content sits outside of the customer journey, reducing the value both the retailer and the customer gets from this investment.

To address this, we need to look beyond the homepage and more closely at category level and product level experiences to strengthen the reach of the brand and the brand USPs. We also need to understand our big shopper missions and address the content – and crucially the way we enable customers to access this content – that supports those missions.

The Customer Conversation

Some great tech products have enabled fast integration of customer content into the customer journey, in the form of reviews and Q&As.

There is an opportunity to review the way we approach this currently, and look at how we can further develop the interaction between brand and customer within the site experience, and create more clarity about the role of that conversation and the way that brands and retailers want to speak to their customers in their digital channels.

More information about this model

This is taken from a broader content strategy model that supports brands and retailers to define and implement their  best practice content strategy. If you would like more information about this then please email me on