Retailers need 10x more content than they’re currently producing

It’s hard to put a figure on this, but there is no doubt that we are moving into an era of vastly growing content volumes.

Retailers are identifying that creating content that is better targeted and more relevant content can drive traffic and has the potential to push conversion rates up.

The challenges with content are the complexity of getting all of the relevant information, content requirements, and the product samples in one place, to create it. In addition to that there is the cost of the production, then the means to ensure that all content can be incorporated seamlessly into a digital workflow that makes it available to all end users in the correct format.

Many large studios are still using manual and low-tech systems, which compromise the scalability of their operations. Creative operations technology is aimed at these studios, and also a core of brands and retailers who are developing their own in-house capability to give them more control over lead-times, sample logistics and production costs.

So where are the tech innovations making the process and the end results better?


Not really new tech, but it’s improving and the user base is growing. Kitchen and bathroom retailers and manufacturers were the early adopters, but CGI is becoming a more viable option for upholstery and furniture manufacturers.

Workflow & process management

There is a huge growth in this area with lots of product development trying to tackle the complex area of tracking the production of multiple types of content for high volume product ranges.

Automated production

There are products and software available that automates the creation of content, this includes both visual and even written content, such as product descriptions.

Content creation management

From a base of individual assets, eg images, backgrounds and text, content can be created for multiple uses across a website and for other channels. Products supporting this make it easier and faster for users to create high volumes of digital content that can be automatically re-sized and placed where needed.

Post production

This covers a whole spectrum of applications, from re-colouring images so they can be used to show multiple product options, to adding virtual models to images to show a garment in more realistic context, to re-editing existing content for new uses.

Do you have a product that supports high volume content production?

Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list, but at the very least gives a sense of range of areas within the end-to-end content strategy where technology has a role.

I am currently doing a lot of research into this, so will cover in more detail in future posts, but if you have a product that supports high-volume Creative Operations, then please get in touch with me at