Brands have a strong focus on creating engaging editorial content about the product categories that they sell, and many are doing a great job of it. It’s a relatively easy task; most have been shooting their products on beautiful models in aspirational locations for years, and bringing an editorial team in house has been a canny investment.

What’s missing though, is the link between the teams creating the brand-focussed editorial content and the teams creating the product content.

From the customer perspective, they can find themselves in two very different environments when they shop online; the home page vs the product page. And if they’ve consumed the editorial content, in the hope of finding ideas and inspiration to support their shopping mission, then they are likely to find that once they are deep in product pages, there’s no link or access to that information whilst they are browsing their options.

The content and commerce connection has not been made internally to link the editorial and the product content together, and the brand values are not applied consistently across the customer journey.

Why is this the case?

The content created for different areas of the site is not the responsibility for a single team, so the customer experience is a jigsaw puzzle of content created by different teams working independently of each other.

Brand guidelines may not be detailed enough to drive consistency across all content production in the organisation, and may not take into account the way that different content types need to work based on where they sit on the site, and how shoppers are using this content in their purchase process.

Content planning maturity

The way organisations are planning and creating content is starting to shift, as we pay more attention to better planning techniques and the use of data to build our understanding about how it drives key performance metrics within the digital retail environment.

This is an area that I will come back to in more detail on future posts. If this is an area you are currently working on or interested in, please feel free to contact me.