For the first time this year, London’s Henry Stewart DAM conference will be featuring a panel session on Creative Operations. This is really significant to me, as it formalises this emerging area of retail operations.

The US are ahead of the curve here: Henry Stewart events have held their Creative Operations Conference in New York for the past 4 years alongside the DAM Conference, and are bringing it to the UK because they recognise that we are ready for it!

This is how they describe Creative Operations:

“Creative Operations – Now in Demand
In increasing numbers, successful organizations across all product and service sectors are recognizing the importance of ‘creative operations’— the tools, systems, and methods that maximize the productivity of ‘creative staff’.  What was considered a back office function is now credited as a key driver in producing great creative work; as seen where companies have invested in the discipline. 

Creative Operations has earned its long overdue place in the limelight
Organizations are embracing the opportunity to make workflow improvements and deliver cost efficiencies to maximize the effectiveness of their creative production process. To be successful in these roles, it is essential to overcome the challenges presented by workflow process and technology with improved approaches to measurement, organizational design, and change management.”

I’ll be at the event this year, so please get in touch with me if you are planning to attend and you would like to meet up.