Mobile merchandising

How to take a mobile-first approach to product content

Taking a mobile first approach to product content demands a re-think of how to approach the basic product images that you would use to populate the category landing pages (CLP) and also the product pages. (PDP)

The problem is that for many products, the traditional full-size product cut out is hard to see at the size it’s displayed on mobile.

Not only this, at category landing page level, shoppers are also comparing across multiple products, and it can be much harder to navigate product differences.

Here’s my list of recommendations for a mobile-first approach to content planning & production.

  • Challenge your conventional approach to images & copy
  • Be really focused on the most important aspects of your product – what is going to being the most immediacy to your customers understanding of your range and products
  • Be ruthless in your editing – get the product information hierarchy right
  • Consider how you can incorporate supporting information into your product pages to help them with the decision-making process – eg videos, buyers guides etc…
  • Think about the category-level journey too – the type of image that you use at this level can give the shopper a faster, more frictionless journey and make it easier for them to navigate the range and spot the products they want easier

There are a growing number of good examples of mobile first images, such as this article on linked in, which was written by Oliver Bradley, the Global eCommerce Experience Design Director at Unilever


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