Product content refers to any copy, images or videos, documents or diagrams, that relate to a product that a brand or a retailer is selling online.

For example a retailer selling a bed online might have a product content set that includes some simple images to show the bed from different angles, a drawing to explain dimensions, a video to show how to assemble it and some copy that describes it and lists the design features and details.

Product content is becoming increasingly important for retailers and manufacturers for a number of reasons:

  1. Good or bad content can make a difference to online sales, return rates and even repeat purchase
  2. Expanding channels and platforms is growing the demand for content
  3. As demand grows, so do potential budget requirements for content, and not surprisingly retailers and manufacturers are keen to get control over this spend, by learning more about what content is actually effective in terms of how it drives sales or tackles other commercial requirements.

Getting a handle on product content becomes more complex as the volume of products increases.

Other product content related issues include:

Brand look and feel, and tone of voice

How is this expressed across different content types?

How do you develop content brand guidelines to support this and achieve some consistency?

Content access & storage

How do you make sure this content is easily accessible to internal teams and external agencies to use, so you get maximum value from content in terms of value?

This has big implications on DAM design and set up.

It also leads us into the growing field of content meta-data, as meta-data is the key to being able to label and find the right type of content.

Content performance

To get some order into content strategies, we need to understand the ways it influences customer behaviour, site performance and sales.

This requires the development of testing strategies to be built into the process, and meta-data has a role here too, to support the analysis of the content testing.

Customer insight

Product content is effective when it fulfills a customer need, by giving them valuable information that supports their purchase process.

Feeding insights into the planning process therefore becomes one of its most important elements.

There are many genres of content types emerging now, thanks to more specific targeting of the content to a particular channel or customer behaviour, or a commercial result, and I’ll cover this in more detail in a future post.