Back in March, I was invited to speak at Amplience’s retail summit, where I spoke alongside Paul Hornby from Shop Direct, Maureen Mullen from L2, Gerald Maidment from Practicology and our host, James Brook from Amplience.

The panel covered a range of content related topics. My own presentation focussed on the following areas:

What good content looks like

We all talk about good content, but what does that actually mean? I wanted to make it really clear about how you link customer shopping missions to your product range to understand what content you need to create, and how it will help your customer shop your range.

Retail Pain Points for Content Strategy

Defining and implementing content strategy is a challenge for many retailers. These were the pain points I defined, based on my experience:

  • Pressure on content budgets (exacerbated by lack of performance data)
  • Content teams sitting in multiple locations within the business – lack of co-ordination, consistency and visibility/awareness of available content
  • Brand guidelines don’t have necessary detail to support new content requirements
  • Lack of true content strategy & governance process
  • No content testing strategy/site lacks testing capability
  • No senior content owner with board-level accountability

Defining the end to end content strategy

Having a clear strategy which translates to effective planning, production and results measurements, demands that retailers implement an end-to-end content strategy within their organisations, and these are the component parts that makes that up:

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.33.19

The day had great feedback from all attendees based on the relevance and diversity of the topics that were covered on the day.