There’s a trend in content for producing inspirational images and video for products in a bid to create a presence as early on in the buying cycle as possible.

Shoppers increasingly start their search online and in social channels, looking for product ideas and inspiration outside of a retailer website.

Retailers are vying for a presence at this point too, in order to catch the sale faster and earlier on in the process.

This requires a different type of images than the standard product images that would normally be taken and used on a product page.

These images have to show the product in an inspirational environment, in a way that links into shopping missions. Images and video that are relevant to a customer need or mindset are going to be more successful.

They need to fit the channel that they sit in, and fit in with what a shopper is looking for when they visit that channel and why they are visiting it.

It has to stand out and engage the shopper. There is so much content out there now, products have to work much harder.

Not surprisingly then, many retailers are investing in their content strategy. Trying to move their game on and produce higher value content, images and video that drive a sale.

Without this approach, content budgets can’t be measured in terms of an ROI and risk being ineffective.