Hello and welcome! My name is Gabrielle O’Hare and this blog is dedicated to everything related to creating and producing effective product content for products as a tool to increase online sales.

Why am I dedicating a blog to this?

Well, firstly it’s something I’m very passionate about, and my career is based on it. Secondly, it’s an issue that is highly relevant for retailers and brands, yet the subject gets very few column inches dedicated to it in ecommerce and retail press.

I am also building a community of people who are either specialists or interested in the field; from people running studios or developing content strategy like myself, to ecommerce and digital directors who are pursuing content as a tool to improve site performance. People who are working on the supplier side are also included; individuals and businesses who are creating products and services to improve content performance. I’ll be featuring interviews and articles about people and businesses I come across who are innovating and providing successful solutions in this space.

So if you fit the description above, please get in touch and we can build a community driving real expertise in the area of product content strategy and production, and give this important ecommerce tool the status it deserves.